Our Current Fights

Bout 1

We believe Lauren’s prognosis could have been drastically improved had she received the brain scan she had requested earlier in her cancer journey. Our objective is to fund and support the doctors and researchers who are making the case to implement additional imaging scans as the best practice in patient care. Unfortunately, too many breast cancer patients follow the same path as Lauren. The number of lives that can be positively affected through early imaging makes this the perfect fight to support.

Bout 2

Handler Hope Foundation enlists volunteers who are experts in the areas of insurance, home care, and case management to help answer the questions of patients and their support networks. Each patient’s prognosis is a snowflake and so is their journey. The landscape of the disease and its treatments are constantly changing. Providing resources that can help guide them to the most relevant and useful information will be pivotal in a never ending battle. 

Bout 3

Lauren spent the majority of her seven-month hospital stay in the cancer center at Huntington Hospital.  A.K.A – 1 North. How medical staff do what they do makes a tremendous difference in the recovery of the patients and the comfort of their support networks. The 1 North team had such a positive impact during Lauren’s care that we will support them indefinitely.